HI! My name is Emily and I am the founder of ‘A Pocketful of Earth’. I am very lucky to live right in the middle of the Forest of Dean, an area with an outstanding natural environment and lots to learn about it’s fascinating heritage and culture. I have a huge passion for the natural world, its Biology and Ecology and what we can do to help conserve it.

I began a Pocketful of Earth as a way of exploring the natural world after I finished my degree in Animal Biology and Ecology in 2012. I wanted a place to be able discuss, share and collate information about issues close to my heart, write about them in a way that everyone can understand and make nature more accessible.

My passion is teaching people about the importance of wildlife and the role animals and plants have to play in our everyday lives without us even noticing it. Once you begin to understand the natural world you can’t help but notice the small and wonderful things that surround us. You will begin to appreciate them, be thankful for them and respect them!

Official Bio

A Pocketful of Earth was launched in 2013 by Graduate Animal Biologist and Ecologist Emily Pettiford. The blog is a platform for Emily to collate information and discuss issues affecting the natural world whilst actively sharing her own knowledge and insights with her readers.

Get in Touch

For enquiries please email apocketfulofearth@gmail.com or use the contact form below.

A Pocketful of Earth accepts that all types of people from different backgrounds and beliefs will visit these pages and whilst we are happy to receive comments and emails from everyone, we will not tolerate bullying or abuse. Therefore please make sure when getting in touch that your message is constructive and polite, otherwise it will be deleted.

Regardless of beliefs we will always try to make sure that the information we present here is honest and factual, however we must emphasize that the views and opinions expressed on this website are purely those of the author(s).


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