Hi Everyone!

I’m Emily, founder of A Pocketful of Earth and I would like to welcome you to my ‘new’ blog. Although the site has been around since 2015, this is in fact the first post I’ve written since my half hearted attempt almost 2 years ago. I was struggling to find time to blog regularly and if I’m being totally honest, I wasn’t really sure what I was blogging for, my posts were sporadic, the content felt forced and so as with anything that doesn’t occur naturally and without constant care, it slowly died.

Now I’m ready to launch the blog again! So I thought it would be the best time to write an introduction to A Pocketful of Earth, including what you can expect from the blog as well as more information on myself.

So who am I? Well, as I mentioned before my name is Emily, I consider myself very lucky to have grown up in the Forest of Dean surrounded by nature and wildlife. Some of my very earliest memories are of going for walks with my dad, through the woods near our house. He would point out animal prints in the mud and tell me what had left them and identify birds, sometimes just from their song. I connected instantly and have been in love with the natural world ever since.

After completing a degree in Animal Biology & Ecology I dreamed of a career as a wildlife journalist, but life has a way of surprising us and after leaving university I found myself co-founding a wedding blog, called Bespoke Bride. In 6 years the blog has won 3 awards, been named one of the UK’s top wedding websites and gained  millions of followers from all over the world. I am very proud of our success and what we have achieved and it is safe to say I love my job. Yet that doesn’t mean I’ve lost my connection with the natural world or my dreams of being a wildlife journalist.

I have discovered that I am a passionate campaigner for our wildlife and planet, which is the very reason A Pocketful of Earth has come to be. I want to be a part of a community that supports our wildlife and environment, I want to share my opinions in a safe place and I want to ensure people are given scientific facts rather than dumb downed versions created just to get newspapers headlines! (Anyone hear about the ‘hoards of Wild Boar terrorizing villages in the Forest of Dean?’)

Maybe it’s as a result of what is happening in my community on a local level, or perhaps it is because of the seismic shifts that now are occurring on a global scale, but somewhere in between, I have realised that nature needs a voice now more than ever. You might not necessarily agree with my all my views, but what I am hoping is that over time anyone reading this will be able to at least have a better understanding of what can be done to help the environment and more importantly why it is so damn vital that we do so.

Let’s take the time to think for a second, what would the world be like if we continue in the way we are currently used to?

I want you to imagine your life 50 years from now, think about the lives of your children, or your grandchildren, even your great great grandchildren. What will your life look like? What will their lives look like? The chances are, your life now, is going to look very different from their’s. There is no doubt that our future generations are going to be the ones that suffer from our inability to take action right now.

But, now for the good news, ‘it’s never too late’ at least not yet anyway. Imagine what could be done if we all started doing our bit now? If we spent more time educating others, contributing to our society and campaigning for change. What your imagining isn’t going to be easy, but it will make a difference, not only in the now, but for the many future generations to come. It’s time we take back the planet we have forsaken for so long and realize its value and that’s what has led me to where I am today, the future of the Earth is in our our hands (or pockets? A Pocketful of Earth, get it? Of course you did!)

I love writing, it is my favourite way to communicate and so it seems to me, the most obvious way to express my thoughts and opinions, whether it be on topics affecting wildlife or places I have traveled and photographed. I want this blog to be educational and will always to try to ensure that it is as factually correct as possible and as always I respect your opinions, so it is my only request that you respect mine too by keeping your comments civil and useful.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my first ‘new’ blog post and I hope you continue to enjoy reading A Pocketful of Earth!





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