A Few From Slimbridge Festival of Birds

Hawaiian Goose WWT Slimbridge Festival of Birds

I am currently wrapped up in layers and blankets, along with a hot water bottle and an extra heater, in a bid to thaw out from Sundays very chilly trip to the WWT Festival of Birds in Slimbridge. Ok so that might be an slight over exaggeration, but believe me when I say it was very cold. Despite the temperature being in minus figures it didn’t stop the hundreds of people that turned up for the festival that day and I certainly wasn’t going to let it stop me either.

I was totally impressed by the fantastic array of speakers that Slimbridge played host to. My particular favourite had to be Mike Dilger (best known as the Wildlife Presenter on The One Show). His talk was brilliantly animated, he told us of his journey into wildlife, conservation and finally presenting in such an educational way, I really could have listened to his tales all day.

Of course the main reason I was there was to see encounter the wetlands and the wildlife that need them. I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful landscapes and birds there were so many different species to read, identify and watch. We had a brilliant day and I would urge you all to go next year, for now here are some of my images from the day.

Mute Swan WWT Slimbridge Festival of Birds

WWT Slimbridge Mute SwanGroup of Mute Swans WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsLittle Gull WWT Slimbridge Festival of Birds

Redshank WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsRedshank SlimbridgeWWT Slimbridge Festival of Birds ReedsWWT Slimbridge Festival of Birds Birds in skyMute Swan FeetGreylag Goose FeedingCommon Goldeneye WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsWWT Slimbridge Festival of Birds Common GoldeneyeDuck Courtship Display Common GoldeneyeAmerican Wood Duck WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsHooded Merganser WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsSnowdropsMallard DuckSlimbridge Tropical HouseTropical Bird House SlimbridgeTropical FlowersTropical Bird WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsTropical Birdhouse at SlimbridgeTropical birds in Slimbrigde WWTGreater Flamingo WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsGreater Flamingo SunsetGrey Teal WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsMandarin WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsRedbreasted Goose WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsEmperor Goose WWT Slimbridge Festival of BirdsEmperor Goose



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