Wildlife Diaries: Day 2 – Little Robin Redbreast

Robin Zoos and Wildlife Parks are great places to practice photography there are a variety of subjects to capture and a few challenges to deal with (animals rarely stay in the same place for long), which is why yesterday I headed off to Cotswold wildlife park.

At the moment I am only just get used to adjusting the ISO to compliment the lighting and shutter speed, as my last camera (Olympus SP-800UZ) pretty much did this for me automatically. To begin with, I struggled with the sun as it was a gloriously bright which meant I had to do a fair of fiddling with the ISO but I soon got the hang of it. Luckily my first subject was a very cool Ring Tailed-lemur, who sat patiently waiting for me to get the right lighting and angle – he had definitely done that before!

I didn’t quite get the hang of shooting through glass and wire cages, now and again I was able to find a larger opening in the fence to shoot through but glass was my nemesis, I will definitely have to do some more research and practising with that one, any tips would be great.

All in all it was a pretty good day for practising and I will share more of my Zoo trip with you Thursday, however for now I wanted to show you this picture of a Robin I just managed to get. I have been trying all week to get a good shot of a robin that had been visiting our garden all winter but he is so skitty I have been unlucky so far. This one at Cotswold Wildlife Park was as bold as brass in comparison and let me get pretty close to take this image! Who knew I would have travel all the way to a zoo to get a picture of a robin 🙂

(Little Robin Redbreast,  Canon EOS 7D +  50mm 1:1.8)


2 thoughts on “Wildlife Diaries: Day 2 – Little Robin Redbreast

  1. Hi Emily. I am Colin, Big Game Hunter, Butterfly Collector and aspiring Botanist. The one thing that I am not is a photographer so please take my comments with a pinch of salt. Your ISO is too high. I try to take pictures on ISO 100 the only time that I will change that is when I just can’t get a fast enough shutter speed. Switching from 100 to 200 ISO can change a 40th of a second to a 200th and sometimes you have to do it. I generally under expose my pictures or at least try to this gives me a faster shutter speed and better detail. Insects in flight and things like that but not being a proper photographer I only try to photograph the ones that can fly without actually moving 🙂 I like your blog.

    1. Hi Colin
      Thank you so much for your comments and for your lovely comments on my blog. I completely agree the ISO was way too high on most of these images, the penguins and tawny frog mouth in particular, I could tell from the grainy appearance once I came to edit them. I really struggled with the changes in light that day, so it was a huge learning curve for me. So glad I have this blog and helpful readers like you to guide me through my journey. Thanks so much for your advice! Heading over to check out your blog now 🙂

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